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As for the first step, Tamas Rupaszov and Ildikó Asztalos from the band Trottel  formed   Trottel Distribution as an illegal, D.I.Y  tape and paper publisher in 1985 in Budapest.

After the political system changed and the iron curtain’s fall, in 1992 Rupaszov carried on and created Trottel Records an official records label  which became one of the first, alternative record publisher in Hungary. From 1992  ’til now 90 records were released, promoting independent, young, hungarian artists (alternative, contemporary, experimental, punk, rock, jazz, folk and world music)

Trottel was also responsible for putting on concerts  between 1988-1993 in the legendary Black Hole in Budapest, such as Chumbawamba, Parabellum, Fugazi, DOA, Washington Dead Cats, Missing Foundation, NoMeansNo, Haine Brigade, Noise Gte, Culture Shock and more.

Organisation of  international tours for hungarian bands, Trottel, Colors Star, VHK, Persona Non Grata, Pozvakowski and many more.

Taking part in the Hungarian Cultural Seasons abroad: (MagyArt) in France 2001, 2002 the Hungarian Cultural Season  in Italy, 2003 New Talents in Focus programme, London, 2004  the Hungarian Cultural Season  in Holland

2006-2010 Creation of The ‘Music Farm’  farm in Hungary, organisation of free farm festivals and creative summer music camps for children with the support of The Hungarian Musicians Union

2007 Partner of the german Eyz Media  in the ‘Klipcenzored’ project (The music and media censorship in Hungary and East-Europe before and after 1990) documentary and series of exhibitions in Berlin and Hungary (Bipolar – german foundation)

2009-2012 Partner of Visegrad projekt of the czech Unijazz and Beseda U Bigbitu international festivals. (Visegrad Found – Common cultural foundation for Visegrad countries, Hungary,Slovakia,Poland and Czech Republic)

2010- Creation and organisation of the ‘Folkbeats’ talent research programme  for young, hungarian folk and world music bands with the main prize of tours in the United States. With the partnership of Centrum Management, New York, The Hungarian Heritage House, The Duna Televison and the Liszt Music Academy The progamme also resulted a series of  albums for young, hungarian bands (supported by the Hungarian National Cultural Found NKA) and the story continues…