Trottel Biography / Biográfia

Psychedelic Sound Exploration from Budapest

Psychedelia – Folk – groove – electronica

   Short biography:

The band is on the road since 1989, the year when the first album untitled ‘Borderline Sydroma’ came out on the legendary french recordlabel Gougnaf Movement in France.

Long time passed since then, close to the 1000’s concert, hundreds of thousands of kilometers done, 10  albums, many different people with many different instruments and influences.    The matter of fact is that Trottel is in a permanent change and transformation. Each tour, each recording is a new challenge and each new member brings new musical inspiration into this amoba-like project.  What is this thing what makes us feel that it’s still not enough of kilometers? What is it what makes always new people to join Trottel for a shorter or longer time? I don’t know. But certainly the same thing what makes them leave after a certain time spent while living this lifestyle… However it is and whatever it is, being on the road for us is always the biggest inspiration. Meeting people and communicating also through the music is what we are here for and it doesnt matter if the concert takes place in a strange looking house in the middle of nowhere or the biggest festival of Europe. From Bosnia to Scotland, from Italy to Danmark, from Poland to France, the motivation is the same.

But enough of the philosophy! Music is music and the way we like it, it’s something interesting, emotional, surprising, sometimes breathtaking, colorfull, sometimes nervous other times quiet and gentle.. A long journey through time and space, this is what we can share with you all with the help of the music. Energy, some magic and some black and white reality.  Just call it a big celebration of eclectica!

Since 2013 the  line up is:   Inci – electric violin   Krisztián – drums   Tamás – bass and electronic sounds

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